AEA Boston 2012: So Far So Good

For the past two days, I’ve been in Boston at An Event Apart, a web design conference. It’s been incredibly interesting and enlightening, especially since many of the talks have been focused on content, which is something we think about a lot at Cheezburger.

I especially enjoyed Karen McGranes’s talk on Monday about Adaptive Content. She talked about a striking example of NPR refining an API which they could use to push their atomicized (made that up) content to all sorts of endpoints / devices. She argued to start with the content. Content presentation should be informed from the content metadata itself, not from some sense of design or layout. This is a frustrating aspect of working with content at Cheezburger, especially since any time “content” is discussed in the industry, it’s generally referring to blog posts or articles, not singular images.

In all, the conference has been a great experience, and there’s still a day and a half left. If AEA is coming to your city, I’d recommend going if you’re a front end developer, designer, or somehow in the industry.