WordCamp Seattle

So, I’m going to be making my public speaking (at least as far as WordPress goes) debut this weekend at WordCamp: Seattle! I’ll be talking about a portion of our theme that we released as a plugin, called CheezCap. It creates a custom control panel, that allows you to insert text, code, toggles and other stuff into your theme’s source code for easy control over features, dynamic content, etc. I’m pretty excited about WordCamp, and nervous about speaking, but I get to put LOLcats into my slides so it’s all good.

If you’re in the area, you should definitely check out the event, I think there are still some tickets left. Check out the other speakers too, because they are all awesome! Hope to see you there

Mac OS X Lion

Along with the announcement today of new MacBook Pro models, Apple also updated their feeature page for Mac OS X Lion and released a developer preview. I never really paid attention to the initial announcement of the nwe features, or at least none of them really stuck with me.

Looking over them again, there’s some exciting stuff going on. It makes sense that Apple is trying to unify their Mobile and desktop OSes, and bringing some of the UX experience from the iPad makes sense, especially when you consider how awesome Mac trackpads are. I think right now, he things that I’m most excited about are (in no particular order) :

  • Gestures
  • Resume
  • Mail 5
  • AirDrop

I’m all for adding more gestures to the lineup, and resume seems like it will make updating less of a hassle. I barely ever restart my computer, and when I do it can be a pain to close everything. Mail 5 looks like it might get me back into the realm of using an e-mail client instead of a web client. Personally, I never have any issues with moving files around, but AirDrop brings zero-config to that world, and when they work, those types of systems are awesome.


Hi. My name is Toby McKes. I am currently a WordPress front-end developer for Cheezburger, Inc., the creators of FAIL Blog, I Can Has Cheezburger? and a few other sites you might have heard of.

My primary purpose for reviving this blog is to be able to talk about WordPress stuff and to… well, blog. I feel like I would be making a huge mistake if I continued to neglect having a WordPress blog I could call my own. I’ll probably test some themes and plugins I’m working on here as well. Who knows what could happen. I plan mostly to talk about things that come up in the course of my daily dealings with WordPress, LOLCats and the rest of the randomness that makes up a typical day.

That’s about all I have to say for now. Stay tuned.