In-air WiFi on the Cheap

  • Using Safari or any browser that can change your user-agent to a phone, open any webpage after changing your UA and connecting to your inflight internet
  • Purchase a mobile plan (for significantly cheaper than normal)
  • Enjoy cheaper wifi on your laptop, despite the claims that it’s “mobile only”

CheezCAP: Moving the Menu

At my talk on Saturday, someone asked if you could move the position of the CheezCAP menu on your dashboard. The answer is yes! CheezCAP uses the add_menu_page() function, which allows you to specify the menu order using an integer. I’ve added this functionality to the repository in addition to adding support for custom icons. Relevant code and comments below.

$cap_menu_position = 99; // This value represents the order in the dashboard menu that the CheezCap menu will display in. Larger numbers push it further down.
$cap_icon_url = ""; // OPTIONAL: Path to a custom icon for the CheezCap menu item. ex. $cap_icon_url = WP_CONTENT_URL . '/your-theme-name/images/awesomeicon.png'; Image size should be around 20px x 20px.